People always seem to be trying to “fix” things. Although I can understand fixing practical things like a car, a sink, or even a pet, but people want to fix their marriage, fix their job, or fix themselves. Fix, fix, fix. Society seems to have this unconscious obsession with things being fixed, that most of the time, don’t need fixin’. Is having everything in life perfectly “fixed” the answer to all of our problems? Or do we need some things to be broken in our lives to maintain a sense of normalcy?

When I first met him, my husband was a shoe cobbler. For those of you who do not know, a shoe cobbler is basically a shoe repairman. I had never heard of such until I met him. If any of my shoes ever broke, I would just toss them and buy a new pair. At the particular shop at which he worked, the prices for fixing the shoes were quite expensive. I would always wonder why the people coming in didn’t just do like me and buy more shoes instead of paying more than the shoes were worth getting them repaired. We are talking about everyday, run of the mill shoes here. Not Louboutins or Manolos, which I would understand doing a little repair on.

One day my husband even pointed to the shoes I was wearing and said, “You know, I could fix those for you?” to which I replied, “No, thanks. I need some things that are broken in my life.” So, what is the obsession with fixing everything? One doesn’t achieve character by being “fixed” up and having it all together. After all, I’ve always considered the most broken people to have the most honest hearts. Does it all have to be fixed in order to achieve happiness? I think not.