How can something like the sun be so warm and happy, but deadly at the same time? I was diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancer right above my eyebrow a few years ago. It just looked like a little bump or dry skin or something, so I wasn’t very worried about it. Skin cancer runs in my family, so I have a check up every six months at the dermatologist. I just happened to mention it to the Doctor, and she wanted to biopsy it. They have a lab on site, so they were able to give me the results immediately. I was shocked, scared and worried. It was just a little dot, how bad could it be?? But she explained to me that skin cancer can go way beyond the surface and even start to affect the internal organs. This particular cancer, being right above my eye, needed to be removed immediately because of the sensitive area it was in. So, instead of trying surgery first, she suggested I try a cream that acts like chemotherapy in that it kills all the cells and basically eats away your skin. I was in so much pain and self conscience to say the least. I couldn’t cross paths with one single person who didn’t ask,”what is the horrible spot on your face?! What happended?!” Reluctantly, I would explain because as they halfway listened, I knew that they could care less because most people do not see skin cancer as a serious issue. But, from experience, I can tell you that it is. I went back for my check up and second biopsy to see if the cream was working, but after having a shot in my already diminishing brow, she took what looked like a small ice cream scoop to it for the biopsy. Mother and I impatiently waited for the results in the next room. Unfortunately, the Dr. came back in and said, “I’m glad we did the biopsy, it is deeper than expected and the cream would have never gotten rid of it all.” So, we go back to the room, she shoots me with deadening shots and scoops out more, to the point where there was a huge hole on my brow. As she kept having to deaden it, it was extremely painful. Luckily, the last scoop got it all. I had to immediately go to plastic surgery afterwards because my left brow was so mangled and basically gone. After plastic surgery, I was left with 13 external stitches and some internal. The pain afterwards was extreme. Even leaning down to pick something up was excruciating. I am posting this not for pity, but as advice to please protect yourself while in the sun. When I was younger, I laid in the tanning bed and didn’t take care of my skin as I should have. That and my genetic susceptibility to skin cancer are what I think what contributed to my skin cancer. Everyone is free to make their own choices, but please be aware of the consequences when getting in the tanning bed or being in the sun. Since my diagnosis, I have stopped tanning completely. If I am in the sun, I apply no lower than spf 50 and reapply every few hours. Since I started doing that, I am so happy with my skin. I just wanted to share my story with you all as we are entering the summer months. I have included post op pictures, so you all can see what I’m talking about. Thanks for reading. ☺️