In the adult world, we have bills, kids, jobs, etc. We have so many responsibilities that we are forgetting one simple thing, to laugh. I notice this a lot when I am out places. No one laughs. Maybe a fake forced laugh, but no more genuine laughs that make you gasp for air and your stomach hurt. Why is this? What happened to laughter? I am always laughing. Not because I don’t have any worries or responsibilities, I have plenty. But, for that one split second of laughing, I forget it all. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I love making people laugh. I know whatever they are going through, that while laughing, they will forget their worries and let go. As someone who suffers from not one, but two extremely painful chronic illnesses, I figured I could lay down and feel sorry for myself, or I could get out and do and laugh. Some people say I’m silly or need to grow up. But, my theory is if being silly and laughing helps me forget my pain and troubles, then maybe it could help others. So, my advice to those who say, “you need to grow up and stop being so silly,” is this, lighten up and learn to laugh. Life is nothing without laughter and happiness.