So, I go to our local Little Caesar’s for a quick “hot and ready” dinner. My husband was on his way home from work, and I thought this would be the best dinner choice. No dishes, no cleanup, just a quick pizza and then some cuddle time with my honey. Boy was I wrong. I get there to a moderate amount of people, nothing I would call crowded and place my order of a large meat lovers pizza and BBQ wings. The cashier hands me my ticket and says it will be right out. Thirty-five minutes later, the only thing hot and ready to go was me! The cashier told me the hot wings take 10 minutes to cook…bro, I’ve been waiting almost 40. Finally, my order comes out, and cashier boy refunds me for my wait. My point is this, every time our town gets a chain restaurant, it seems to fizzle out within a matter of months. Being such a small town, we were excited to even get a Little Caesar’s and a Domino’s. I am basing my comparison on chain restaurants I’ve visited in various cities. They seriously have their shit together. Unlike our small town holes in the wall. What makes chain restaurants in the city so different from the ones in small towns? Why do I care you ask? I live in the number one state for obesity. If my fat ass wants a pizza, I at least want it hot and ready and served with a smile.